11.11 Singles Event @ The Working Class 

11th November (11.11) has, in recent years, become an iconic date for single individuals to celebrate their singlehood. This year, CCPay partnered with one of our exclusive merchants, The Working Class @ Boat Quay, to host an 11.11 Singles Social Event.  The event aimed for guests to expand their social network and meet new like-minded people over dinner. As part of our partnership efforts with The Working […]

Using Dynamic QR Codes for Payments

QR Codes have become an increasingly popular alternative for cashless payment in Singapore, especially since the COVID-19 outbreak. In particular, the versatile use of QR codes has helped many F&B and retail businesses transition into the digital space seamlessly, providing consumers with a contactless purchasing experience. While many companies are still using static QR codes […]

CCPay – Adding Digital Value to Our Partners

In a society where technological solutions are constantly sought out to improve consumer experiences, cashless payment methods have been a popular option for consumers to make purchases for a long time. While a majority of such payments are still transacted via credit cards today, there has been an increasing trend of transacting with e-payments in […]

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