CCPay – Adding Digital Value to Our Partners

In a society where technological solutions are constantly sought out to improve consumer experiences, cashless payment methods have been a popular option for consumers to make purchases for a long time. While a majority of such payments are still transacted via credit cards today, there has been an increasing trend of transacting with e-payments in recent years. 

In 2018, it was reported that more than 80% of consumers in Singapore have embraced e-payment methods, which includes payments via digital wallets. CCPay is a one-stop digital solution for businesses looking to provide e-payment methods from multiple platforms. 

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Who Are We?

Singapore’s leading innovator in the payment industry, CCPay was founded back in March 2017. Despite being in its early years, CCPay is led by a group of the industry’s stalwarts, with more than 20 years of management experience across both financial and Fin-Tech sectors. In compliance with government regulations, CCPay excels in delivering services with professionalism and security to our partners. 

In conjunction with Alipay’s media conference launch of its cashless payment service in Singapore, CCPay was announced as their strategic partner to introduce Alipay’s services. Currently, CCPay partners with over 2000 merchants locally, providing them with our e-payment solutions. At the start of 2017, CCPay became the first to launch QR code payments in Singapore, igniting a trend of convenient and secure cashless payment method for its locals. 

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Our Digital Solutions 

CCPay provides a cloud-based solution for our partners to manage business operations with ease. We provide online ordering and payment capabilities. CCPay aims to make Singapore a truly digital economy, by increasing adoption rates of digital payments from physical businesses at a very reasonable cost, including but not limited to F&B and Retail businesses.

While traditional payments accepting cash are still widely available across businesses, e-payment methods can avoid the risks of receiving counterfeit banknotes, robbery, and theft.  

Managing digital cash flow may be less costly for your business as compared to managing physical cash flow. Together with Bona Technologies, CCPay provides affordable digital solutions for our partners with up to 80% support in cost from the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG), subject to eligibility.

Our digital solutions include: 

  • POS Device – Supports merchant partners to perform secure and fast transactions from multiple payment options, in one device. 
  • Merchant App – allow merchants to check revenue in a single page, to give you a clear indication of your sales performance. 
  • Self-Ordering Platform – A self-ordering platform for customers to make their orders, saving physical space from queues for businesses.
  • One-Solution – Manage multiple stores or brands in a single solution. 
  • Dynamic QR Code – Unique and customizable QR codes generated for each transaction, facilitating higher payment security. 
  • Digitalize Your Products – Product shooting service for our partners to upload product images onto e-commerce platform for sales and marketing.

How CCPay value-adds to Our Partners

Seamless Transition into the Digital Space 

Since the widespread impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been accelerated urgency globally for traditional brick-and-mortar businesses to transition into the digital space. From e-commerce systems to exclusive mini-programs, CCPay provides a plethora of solutions to choose from, supporting their transition into the digital space with ease.

Provide Access to Even More e-Payment Users 

Merchant partners of CCPay are at the forefront of digital payment solutions. We provide a wide range of the country and region’s most popular e-payment options, including Alipay, GrabPay, and PayNow. Thus, our partners can manage their businesses conveniently through one mobile POS device and provide access to users across the globe.

Merchant partners of CCPay

Safeguarding Business with Secure Transactions 

CCPay protects our partners with a reliable and secure transaction method of using dynamic QR codes. The use of dynamic QR codes help mitigate financial risks that stem from physical transactions and transactions using static QR codes, such as fraudulent payment transactions and theft. Unlike static codes, details in dynamic QR codes are customizable at any time, providing partners with increased flexibility and convenience to make any necessary changes.  

a reliable and secure transaction method of using dynamic QR codes

Transition into the digital space smoothly with CCPay and improve your customers’ experiences with safer and more efficient transactions. Contact us now to find out how! 

CCPay – Adding Digital Value to Our Partners

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