T.G.I.Fit Night @ F45 Training Boon Keng

Earlier this month, we partnered up with F45 Training Boon Keng, to organize T.G.I.Fit Night, a one-night-only session for new members to work out and meet new fitness enthusiasts. Through the session, members got to try out F45 Training’s 45-minute workout routine, followed by some games and activities to close out the year and look ahead to 2022!

The evening was filled with much adrenaline and good sweat. Members enjoyed the well-rounded workout routine from the host, and new friendships and workout buddies were acquired. Following the workout, there was a short break for everyone to catch their breaths and recover before some ice-breaking activities. Looking ahead to the new year, members wrote down their wishes and resolutions for the future and shared them with the group.

We wrapped up the evening with some fun and games (all while in compliance with the latest COVID-19 safety measures of course), and lucky winners of the games score some amazing gifts thanks to F45 Training Boon Keng!

We are excited to announce our exclusive partnership with F45 Training Boon Keng! You can now sign up with them and make payment through our platform, including GrabPay, AliPay, WeChatPay and PayNow digital wallets!

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T.G.I.Fit Night @ F45 Training Boon Keng
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